Stalking trout with dry flies. Floating, wading, and camping along the rivers. Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Winter trips to Mexico.

Oct 20, 2014

Close to Home 10/19

Nice day for a float.  Rising fish.  No crowds (only saw 3 other boats all day!) 

Oct 15, 2014

Henry's Fork Equinox-9/19-21

My fall trip is always bittersweet.  Sweet because I have unlimited time and plenty of fuel, but bitter because its the last long trout fishing trip of the year.  The first summer trip has only anticipation and a bright future of the season ahead.  This trip, with the trees in their golden glory, marks the finish of summer, which seemingly just arrived.  The crowds are gone, but so are the caddis and drakes.  Weather is mostly perfect, but soon the snow will push my dreams to the tropics.  So I try to savor what is left, and enjoy the perks of fall fishing.  Solitude, uncrowded highways, and comfortable days and nights.  I have good fishing and great waters to enjoy.  It begins where it began in late May, the Henry's Fork--of course!
A pretty good Mahagony Dun match!

An empty upper ranch parking lot!

Armstrong's Playground-9/22

Booked in advance, it was perfect timing with a cloudy day one.  There WILL be a hatch! It started with midges, then the baetis, and some late season pmd's just because it was perfect.  Fish rising all day. 

Day two emerged with bright sunny skies, but would there be a hatch?  Of course, midges and baetis again, though not as heavy as yesterday.  The fish were rising upon arrival, and did so all morning and into the afternoon.  They don't call it Paradise for nothing!

This Harrop Midge was the "Fly of the Creek."

Top End

Birth of A Spring Creek