When not guiding for lake trout, I'm often stalking trout in rivers and creeks with dry flies. Floating, wading, and camping along the water. I take more time off during the brief Rocky Mountain summer to enjoy this life-long persuit. Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana are the usual destinations. Sometimes in winter, I'm chasing tarpon in Mexico or Florida when time and funds allow.

Sep 26, 2014

Back to the Beaverhead

I know, again?  But it still could be the most fun dry fly river in Montana when you hit it right.  I seem to hit it right every time lately.  Easier to fish than the MO.  More like a creek at lower flows.  The flows have been dropping daily toward the winter trickle.  It's easy knee-high wading, there's still some water over the thick weeds, the baetis are hatching, and the fish are on 'em!  Enough bugs to bring the fish up, but not so many so that they don't appreciate the opportunity and take advantage of each one.
A Cloudy Start to a Perfect BWO Day.

Speaking of Baetis

170 CFS

Sep 24, 2014

Depuy's for a Day

It wasn't as good as Armstrong's upstream the last couple days, but it was fun for a few hours.  The morning started slow, and the wind came up early in the afternoon. In between was some fun on the middle flats.  They were easier to approach, and easier to fool than their upstream neighbors.

Sep 23, 2014

Armstrong's Playground

Booked in advance, it was perfect timing with a cloudy day one.  There WILL be a hatch! It started with midges, then the baetis, and some late season pmd's just because it was perfect.  Fish rising all day. 

Day two emerged with bright sunny skies, but would there be a hatch?  Of course, midges and baetis again, though not as heavy as yesterday.  The fish were rising upon arrival, and did so all morning and into the afternoon.  They don't call it Paradise for nothing!

This Harrop Midge was the "Fly of the Creek."

Top End

Birth of A Spring Creek