Stalking trout with dry flies. Floating, wading, and camping along the rivers. Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Winter trips to Mexico.

Aug 29, 2015

Another Spring Creek

This one isn't to far.  Seen it before, but never gave it a second look.  I'll just call it FRC.  There wasn't a hatch, and it was choked with weeds, but there were a few really big fish I could see.  I saw a couple rise once, but they wouldn't take a few flies I tried.  I saw a few well over the fabled 20-inch mark.  One was two feet, if it was an inch.  Someday later.  Or earlier, before the weeds.

He's there

Nice one there


Aug 27, 2015

Schooled on Henry's Fork

Tricos on the Ranch.  Right.  But its fun to try.  Some fish did come up and eat for a short while in the mornings and evenings.  I cast to some big heads, 20-inchers.  A few of them ate.  I even hooked a few too, but never actually touched one.  Long 6x tippets, thick weeds, and seasoned fish lower the odds.  A little luck would have helped, but I lost fish just about every way you can.  I'd do it again, and will in a few weeks, only with tiny baetis and "jumbo" mahoganys instead of tricos.
Tricos Every Morning

This place had a few big risers every morning

Visible black wing against that Ranch light glare, and they ate it.

Evening risers on the lower

This brought up more than anything, a #16, that I could see, and they went after it.

Aug 24, 2015

A slow comeback

The Slough, as its called, actually looked alive again.  There were a few bugs, an occasional fish that rose, and the river bottom had some moss and weeds again.  Nowhere near what it was, but maybe, just maybe, it will return sooner than later.  It definitely fished different than before.  It's a whole new creek, but in the same place.  Narrower.  Bends are approached from opposite sides of the river than before.  Holding areas have changed.  Casts are shorter.  At least the fish are still spooky and wary.

Aug 8, 2015

Overlooked Creek

I've been driving past this one for years, without taking a further look.  BIG mistake!  Had a fun few hours between rain storms, and I'll be returning soon for much more.